Bittersweet Anecdote

Choosing to write a new book or simply closing the previous one, is both exciting and difficult. You are carrying a buck load of emotions in your suitcase. You are excited to move to a new city, nervous about meeting new faces and also exploring the gracious opportunities that the new city is waiting to offer you.
Making a place feel like “home” takes time. It is definitely a slow but exhilarating process because you are dealing with the ‘unknown’. Even though ignorance is bliss- knowing always surpasses the not knowing deal.
Every move in the new place brings in a lot of instigation and dramatic experiences.
In your heart, you still feel an emptiness ,you move on. You realize you’re no longer a tourist, but in fact the guide, who will guide your own-self towards new open doors. Slowly you befriend your neighbour. You learn the secret side streets to avoid traffic.
During those miserable days when you got some overarching judgements to support your thoughts,”Oh God, I am not going to live here any longer.”
You are nostalgic when you flip through the memories of your home town or your previous city. You realise how hard it is to take care of yourself. At the end of the day, you can sense the actual silence at home. Sometimes being home alone at night is a downer. It’s hard knowing that you are no longer sharing your day’s adventure with your friends and family. You face loneliness as well as boredom.
Among all pros and cons, living in a new city is an eye opener. You discover your true self, no longer shadowed by the love and care of your dear ones. You are able to overcome your internal fear. In short, “It takes courage to be independent.”
Now you may have a best friend or you might have been dumped by your boyfriend. But it is so rewarding to realize that now you can run on your own without holding on to anyone.
Each day when you are overcoming your fear, you also know that your family is there for you through thick and thin. This new city comes as a blessing to you, provides you with life essentials – best friends, a loving boyfriend and of course , a job. You couldn’t be gifted with these people by sitting at the four walls of your home.
All those doubts about every single thing -> your friends, job, your apartment are eventually cleared.
You are now a self reliant woman, building up new connections and network. You are more confident. You’ve become adaptable ,open -minded and you embrace changes that are unchangeable. You start discovering answers to your psychological questions: what your true passion is, where does your actual happiness lie and what is the true purpose of your life. You are now emotionally connected to the new city in a short span of time. You count the number of years you’ve been away from your family. Every new city becomes a new love affair.
In the process of adapting yourself to the new city you realize the truth behind what your Principal said, “Freedom lies with Responsibility”
Now you are so addicted to the exuberance of discovering new things , experience new adventures that all of a sudden you feel the urge to move again, to keep up the feeling of liveliness, excitement and joy.


42 thoughts on “Bittersweet Anecdote

  1. Nice one Nicey!! I guess you have written ur experience abt Mumbai, hehe. The way u have expressed is like that we can imagine each n every word. And it’s also a motivation for people who haven’t went been out of their home town. Continue with your good work👍

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  2. Nicely wrote Nicy. You have depicted the actual happenings, the terrible situation which we all face when we travel to a new place. Its really going to motivate all those who are struggling every second. I wish that more and more people should go through this blog and learn something. Just keep on writing such kind of blogs. My best wishes are always with you.

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  3. As the title states it is really an anecdote that most people face in life once he/she becomes independent. Its a phase that we go through once we get out of our colleges. Some get placed, others go for job hunt and some others come up with their own start ups. I know that its from ur own life & personally I can compare it with mine too. But as life moves ahead we’ll be going through new experiences and finally we’ll be having a family of our own and then we will be having a whole atmosphere and responsibilities. The instances that you have portrayed will be a stepping stone to make our ground solid. GBU Nicy.

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  4. Like a butterfly coming out of the cocoon, you are becoming stronger and immune to the city. Can see your effort and experience described in the words. This also shows empowering women, strong and independent. Nice article… Keep it up

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  5. you have defined the problems faced and the mindset of a person going a new place for work and how one manages in those situations very beautifully. after reading this I felt as if all these situations have been stolen from my mind. great writing nicy,keep on going… all the best

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  6. nicy this was a very beautifull and revealing blog that you have written. I can see all that words are your own experiences!
    Now i am sure you have learnt a lot on your journey till now.Continue writing like this… 👍

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