Be Brave and Strong and as Dean Winchester would say “Get your shit together.. we have some ass to kick”😂

Everybody has this particular moment in their life, at least once, when you question yourself -Are you living the life YOU envisioned for yourself ? Are you who you wanted to be when you grew up?
You may have had control on all the major events of your life for a particular span of time, be it your eluding job, or a health issue, or a broken heart, or some kind of loss. You have this sense of security , a good feeling that you can get through anything.. That you’re invincible. That’s when the bubble pops, and everything comes crashing down.
What’s easy won’t last. No one lives with their FIRSTS throughout their lives. So, you’re perfectly pragmatic Plan A didn’t work out. But that’s just how it is. There isn’t anyone who hasn’t resorted to Plan B or C or D, once in a while. And, thank God, there is a Plan B. You’ll need it when everything falls apart.
They say that the Universe doesn’t give you more than you can handle, like it somehow knows. Knows just how much you can take, knows what’s best for you. Well.. Spoiler alert – It doesn’t. But You Do. You know what’s best for you.No one else is walking in your shoes. So just listen to You. Be kind to yourself, forgive yourself. Realize that some pretty amazing things are coming your way. Give Time some Time. Just go with the flow for once, even though you are someone who always likes to be in control. Have faith that life is turning out to be as it should.
Remind Yourself : Even if the Universe has chosen a different path for you , take it. You have the upper – hand.
Maybe You’d wanted Plan A to work out forever for you. But you see that in life,”Uncertainty” is inevitable.” So, sometimes.. Just sometimes, Plan B could be the best thing that ever happened to you. And one day.. all of your struggles, your troubles, your pain won’t seem so… Big.
So, to sum it up, All I would say is “When life hands you a lemon,  prepare lemonade.”No matter, how hard things can be, it will be just another chapter in your life, one that gave you some important life lessons, and one that you can leave behind. So, LET GO AND MOVE FORWARD.