Our backs tell stories no books have the spine to carry

Neville and I weren’t dating, not really, no matter what our friends thought in their devious minds. We were just two friends, who spent some time together every now and then. Yes, he was caring and thoughtful and sweet to me, but that was just who he was- a genuinely good person. And I loved spending time with him, it was always as easy & natural as breathing. So, I could see how people could get the wrong idea here.

That night was no different than any other night… and yet, not the same. We planned to meet after work, I agreed to a late night out- which I usually
don’t. I figured that it had been a while since I let my hair down and do something outside my daily routine. So, what better than be in his company
while doing so. There was this new pub that he wanted to go to, and I was onboard for it.
There was a huge crowd, and it was a little noisy- not the kind of place I generally preferred- but I didn’t seem to mind. Any place was good, when I
was with him. I watched him, as he ordered drinks for us, studied his every move- the way he waved at the waiter, then placed his hands on the table, the smile he offered to the waiter. I just never got tired of watching him and all the little things that he did. Maybe it was coz he had a face that could turn all heads in a place, or coz I was one hell of a curious person, I thought to myself. Who cared about the reasons right now; when Neville was being a right gentleman, caring about my comfort even in the vicinity of the crowd.
He caught me staring at him, once, twice.. many times; giving me a warm smile each time our eyes met. I couldn’t help the “butterflies in my stomach” feeling that overtook me. This had never happened before. So.. what was so different today? What changed?
The waiter was back with our beers.
“I don’t drink.” I said, when he handed me one.
“You sure?” he said, with a grin on his face.
One bottle never hurt anyone, I reasoned with myself. Even though I had sworn off drinking nearly three years back, arguably for holistic health reasons.
“Well, what the hell.” I took the bottle from his hand. Tonight was about breaking usual monotony and getting rid of my crippling good girl inhibitions. I took a sip and then another, and then another. I’d forgotten how bad it tasted, and how good it felt.
Neville was a better drinker than I was, taking one bottle after another- which probably gave him the courage for what he did next. He shifted his chair closer to mine, leaned towards me… and whispered in my ear, something that I didn’t quite catch.
Embarrassed to confess that I didn’t get what he said, I merely placed my hand on his shoulder and made myself comfortable on his neck. We stayed
like that for a while, not talking, just enjoying the proximity we had. It was hot and humid, and a crowded place, yes. And we must have been sweating our pants off, but I didn’t mind. It seemed like neither did he.
And then the magic happened, he lifted my chin up to face him… lips closer than ever. I could feel his breath in mine, it smelled like beer, maybe so
did mine. The beer in my system had made me bold, I wanted him to kiss me, a proper knee-wobbling kiss. I closed my eyes in anticipation. But the kiss did not come. Instead he brought his lips close to my ear and said, “Let’s get out of here.”
I willingly obliged and took his hand, waiting silently as he paid the waiter.After as he paid the waiter, there was something different about our walk back to his apartment. Something had changed- familiar yet alien. We were treading on a new territory now. People talk about those magical moments, where there’s just you and that someone, and everything else is just a blurry background… well, I was having one of those moments right then. There was something magical about us taking a
walk, our hands intertwined. It was late, probably past midnight, and yet I felt like time had not moved at all. The night sky, the silence, the sweet breeze- everything made the ambience somewhat inviting. Time and again, I felt him draw closer to me- a light brush of his arm on mine, a soft caress of his fingers on the back of my hand. I could feel my heart skip a beat, my cheeks flush; over his small intimate gestures.

We reached his apartment soon enough. He gave me a sheepish grin as I walked in, still holding his hand.. and my cheeks flushed for no reason. The
last little part of me- that maybe, somehow wanted to just up & leave all this- was gone as I saw his coy smile, my non-existent resolve faded with it.
He drew closer to me, his hands on my hips.. and so came the previous moment again- the almost liplock we had back at the pub.
With our lips now a breath away, his cologne unnerving my senses- one that was minty and malty and so ‘him’, I couldn’t wait any longer. My hands
found their place in his hair, as I brought his lips into mine. It was a soft brush of lips at the beginning that slowly turned into a fierce battle for
dominance. Never in my life had I been kissed like that- fiercely and gently at the same time. We broke off our kiss, when the lack of air became too
much to bear. He placed soft kisses on my neck; and I held onto him, my legs around his hips as he easily carried me up in his arms and pressed
against the wall. I then felt his hand inside my shirt, working it’s way to the clasp of my bra. A chill ran up and down my spine, as he grazed my
nipple with his callous fingers. I couldn’t get enough of him, all these new sensations overwhelming me, when he stopped his advances all at once. I glanced at him, a little annoyed, by his action or the lack of it *chuckle*. He gave me a wink and began walking, with me in his arms, probably towards the bedroom. I giggled as I hid my face in his neck and breathed him in, waiting nervously for whatever was to come next.

The following morning locked away, all the beautiful moments from the night before, in the vault of past; with an unspoken agreement that we had with each other. “Let’s keep this to ourselves..”


13 thoughts on “Our backs tell stories no books have the spine to carry

  1. A very bold element thrown. An aura of a very personal and passionate message about the entire story.
    Fluidic and tastefully detailed at the same time. Certain perceptions make the reader feel that the story is very much realistic.
    overall a neat read.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thumbs up for the writer..
    Perfect emotions captured.
    While reading your blog I actually imagine that this is going to happen with me only.
    I will wait for your next blog.
    Thanks for sharing. ..


  3. Dat was beautiful…nicely written…dat moment was so impulse n dat minute detailing…entire picture was hitting in back of my mind…!!


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